[OPE] Basics of Democracy [Lots].

From: Alejandro Agafonow <alejandro_agafonow@yahoo.es>
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 07:39:15 EST

By the way, for those that are interested in substituting the current States based on elections by States based on lots, like Paul Cockshott, this list of criteria is also enlightening.   How? Note that the criteria linked to ‘elections’ are very general. Indeed we should interpret ‘election’ in a broader sense to open some space to alternative mechanisms of electing public officers.   In this way we take care of not throwing away the dirty water and the baby! We need to preserve the baby (democracy), and changing the way we elect public officers (based on lot) requires to keep core democratic institutions and rules like: the independence of the lot management bodies; division of power; supreme audit agencies; prosecutorial agencies; ombudsman offices; press freedom; right of access to public information and Habeas Data.   Regards,A. Agafonow

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