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Date: Sun Nov 30 2008 - 11:14:33 EST

Paul B: thanks for poll results. It certainly puts matters in perspective.
> Is ‘democratic theory’ a result of hundreds of years of reflexive thought or a product
> of what millions of people worried about how to survive in the dangerous streets of
> Caracas think?
Neither. The concern for "law and order" is generally anti-democratic and
forms a pillar of rightist governments. Almost always when there is a right-wing
coup it is rationalized on the grounds of the need for a "strong" (i.e. anti-
democratic) government to curb "lawlessness".
> You (Paul Bullock, JL) are a philosopher, aren’t you?
Not as far as I know. You must be confusing Paul Bullocks: our Paul is not
Marcus Paul Bullock (the philosopher) or the 2005 marijuana music awards
poetry winner or a retired research economist from UCLA's Institute for
Industrial Relations. As far as I know he's just a worker-revolutionary-socialist
with an interest in, and history of writing on, political economy.
In solidarity, Jerry

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