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From: Paul Cockshott <>
Date: Fri Nov 14 2008 - 07:37:09 EST

Many of the tax havens ( Jersey, Bahamma, Isle of Mann, Turks and Cacos,... ) are
crown territories so less drastic means could be used by a UK government that
was serious about it.

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>Anders Ekeland wrote:
>>e) International regulation of capital is necessary, tax exchanges
>>on the stock markets (London has a small tax - increase it
>>tenfold!) Only one trading day on the stock exchange per month!
>>Continuos trading has nothing to do with changes in underlying
>>long-term productive realities! No tax heavens - send the marines
>>to topple the "financial" terrorist regimes.

>Whose Marines?

I was thinking of the US marines, that's what we call the "marines"
here in Norway (we say it in English too). It was of course
methaphorically ment, but I think the left wing world wide should
demand an end to the possiblity of tax evation through tax heavens.
If there is a will there is a way - and given the present financial
crisis and willingness among people to "tidy things up" I think we
should "carpe diem", formulate demands - like the Tobin tax, but also
more directly having interanational agreements against secret
accounts etc. - and demanding that real force back those demands. If
you threaten Iran due to nuclear power, put some pressure on the tax
heavens to get them to open their books, to have an international
bank inspection.


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