Re: [OPE] workers' management and socialism

Date: Fri Nov 07 2008 - 06:23:24 EST

> I just imagine these administrators in your cooperativistic socialism being recalled because workers think > they are demanding too much from them. The consequences for the output will be disastrous.
Hi Alejandro: Why? Let's say that management attempts to increase the intensity of work to an extent that "workers think they are demanding too much from them" and that as a consequence some of those workers are injured on the job. (NB: there are lots of empirical studies which demonstrate that on-the-job injuries increase with increases in the intensity and hours of work - so this scenario is not at all far-fetched). As a consequence, workers decide collectively - after, let's say, a meeting of the collective and a vote of the whole - to relieve the current administrators and select new ones. What would possibly lead you to believe that the "consequences for the output will be disastrous"? As for our differences concerning remuneration for administrators, I think that rests on our different perspectives on the social psychology of work under socialism. You seem to think that the social psychology of work will be the same under socialism as under capitalism. I think this fails to comprehend the forms in which socialism constitutes a new society in which there will be different social, cultural, and psychological practices. This is not to say that _everything_ will be different, but one can not assume that what is the case where capitalist relations of production prevail will also be the case under socialism. In solidarity, Jerry

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