Re: [OPE] Invention, Inventors, and the Productivity of Labor

From: Ian Wright <>
Date: Tue Nov 04 2008 - 12:12:13 EST

> Paul C.: "It also seems invidious to single out some employees as
> 'entrepreneurs'."
> We can’t escape a social division of labour. We are not yet in the
> position of synthesize goods at zero labour costs.
> The key rests in the access to the profession of managers under
> socialism. We can devise more transparent and less elitist paths.

Your payment scheme for firm members is still not clear to me, Alejandro.

You don't need to convince me that some of the activities that come
under the rubric of "entrepreneurial" activity in capitalism will also
be necessary in socialism and deserve to get paid like any other labor.

The more important question from my point of view is whether, in your
scheme, you isolate a *particular kind of concrete labor activity*
(i.e., entrepreneurship) and then *reward it according to different
rules* to the rest of the workforce (i.e., according to some function of
the volume of output). In other words, do "entrepreneurs" receive a
different *kind* of income to everyone else?

This is not a question about quantitative "differences of income" but a
question of income distribution rules.

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