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your question goes without saying. But bear in mind what Marx said after having finished the first volume. I rephrise it: I would have not acted pratically if I did not finished it.
I used the concept of questioning in the sense of critique as used by Marx in the subtitle. In fact Badiou says too we have to change the world. Changing world requieres a lot of inpretation and consciously questioning.
In short I do not hold of dualist approaches either interpretation or change not much. But a more interesting question would have been: what has this general question Badiou is posing to do with all our particular questions in our research areas?



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Dogan wrote: "A philosopher however,
as Badiou is, must consider a more general question .... So the point Badiou is
then making is we have to question the way we work and live."


To question it, or to change it?


What I find annoying about this metaphor is that
it glosses over hard work and struggling lives -
a 'spectacle' perhaps for the armchair philosopher, but real
enough for most people.




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