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I received the following inquiy and, with the permission of the
I am sending it along to you.  What are your answers
to the questions?

In solidarity, Jerry


I am seeking to better
understand the critique of the Austrian and
Chicago schools of
economics with regard to what I understand to be
their approach to
obviating the Cambridge capital critique by
rejecting the assumption
that there is any necessity to aggregate
"capital"; if my
understanding is sound, Nuti's criticism of "neo-
Fisherian" interest theories would seem to devastate the
foundations of these schools. EK Hunt's "History
of Economic Thought"
has an excellent brief treatment of the
question but I was wondering
if you could recommend any sources for
a student that might elaborate
this criticism in a little more
detail -- or could you possibly refer
me to someone who might be
able to assist me with suggestions?

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