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Date: Sat Oct 25 2008 - 17:14:38 EDT

> > The type of internationalism that> > I support is not for a world where everyone speaks English.> I agree with the multilingual part but there appears to a slight logical > slip in your final part. Internationalism can only evolve if there is a > language that is common to all.
Hi Dave Z:
It was not a logical slip on my part. I do not agree that internationalism
can "only" evolve in the direction of a mono-language. Also, internationalism
can not be reduced to the question of language. My concept of
internationalism includes a concept of *autonomy* (and with it, different
cultures, customs, etc.).
btw, the spread of the English language was not a "historical accident" (!);
it was a consequence of colonialism and imperialism (of course, the same
could also be said about the spread of Spanish, Portuguese, etc.).
In solidarity, Jerry

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