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Date: Sat Oct 25 2008 - 16:17:37 EDT

> Unfortunately the universities in the Spanish speaking countries have not evolved
> yet in the direction of those of Netherlands and some Scandinavian countries,
> adopting the lingua franca of science: English.
Hi Alejandro A:
I do NOT agree that it is "unfortunate" that universities in Spanish-speaking nations
have not "evolved" to that point. I couldn't disagree more fully: it is unfortunate that
it is expected that Spanish-speakers will learn how to speak English rather than
vice versa! It is unfortunate indeed that so many native English-speakers in
the US are mono-lingual. Especially (imo) for Marxians since so much of the most
interesting literature on political economy (imo) is in other languages and has
never been translated into English. The answer (easier done early in life) is to
become multi-lingual. I, btw, truly hope to see the for day in my country when
everyone is fluent in more than one language. The type of internationalism that
I support is not for a world where everyone speaks English.
In solidarity, Jerry

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