Re: [OPE] Anitra Nelson, "Fictitious Capital and Real Compacts"

From: Paul Cockshott <>
Date: Mon Oct 20 2008 - 05:03:17 EDT

 Gerald Levy wrote:
> The Cold War mentality of "competing" with the Western capitalist
> nations also led to the replication
> of certain technologies (such as nuclear power) which had been
> diffused in those nations.
> In that sense, Chernobyl could be seen as an indirect consequence of
> the Cold War
> (internalities, also, played a role in that ecological catastrophe).
 The cold war was surely more than just a mentality Gerry. It was a real
struggle for survival,
I dont see how any responsible soviet government could have decided
other than to develop
nuclear weapons.

Remember also that Chernoble was not an ecological disaster but an
economic disaster, and a serious industrial accident.
Natural life is getting on just fine with humans removed from the area,
and the city is now used as a case study of how quickly nature can
retake land once used by humans.
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