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From: Alejandro Agafonow <>
Date: Wed Oct 15 2008 - 14:10:40 EDT

Dave Z., does social-liberalism really exist?   I just remember that Norberto Bobbio is related to something like that, but it seems something particular from Italian political thought.  A. Agafonow ----- Mensaje original ---- De: Dave Zachariah <> Para: Outline on Political Economy mailing list <> Enviado: lunes, 13 de octubre, 2008 17:57:57 Asunto: Re: [OPE] Paul Krugman wins Nobel on 2008-10-13 16:43 Alejandro Agafonow wrote: > >  > “Political mass movement” is not necessary the same as “labour > movement”, particularly today with the plurality of subjectivities > demanding recognition (women, homosexuals, indigenous, ecologists, etc). > >  > This misses my point: Social-democracy was against capitalism and advocated socialism while social-liberals wanted capitalism with a human face. //Dave Z _______________________________________________ ope mailing list

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