[OPE] Crisis in the Credit System (film)

From: Gerald Levy <Gerald_A_Levy@msn.com>
Date: Wed Oct 01 2008 - 11:35:11 EDT

Fictional video series intended for Internet distribution. b
Slick (I mean that in a positive sense). Suitable for use in
'Smart' classrooms.

In solidarity, Jerry




Crisis in the Credit System is a four-part drama dealing with the
credit crisis, scripted and directed by artist Melanie Gilligan. A
major investment bank runs a brainstorming and role-playing session
for its employees, asking them to come up with strategies for coping
with today's dangerous inancial climate. Role-playing their way into
increasingly bizarre scenarios, they find themselves drawing
disturbing conclusions about the deeper significance of the crisis
and its effects beyond the world of finance. Using fiction to
communicate what is left out of documentary accounts of the crisis,
the short, TV-style episodes reflect the strangeness of life today
in which the financial abstractions that govern our lives appear to
be collapsing.




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