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Date: Tue Sep 30 2008 - 20:09:24 EDT


There are three more of those discussions on Crisis. I am almost finished
with translating the second one and will eventually translate the other
ones too. I have also tracked down all of the passages from Marx included in
the first of the Marx-Lexikon volumes on crisis. I want to put it up on but the job of doing all the HTML markup is too much for me at
the moment. I have permission from the Ohara Institute for Social Research
to place volumes of Marx-Lexikon on the MIA but the job is too big for one
person (= me) to handle.


On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 3:00 AM, GERALD LEVY <> wrote:

> > 27 September 2008: Added to the Samezo Kuruma Archive:
> >
> > Discussion of Marx's Theory of Crisis (part 1) (1972), This
> > discussion was first published as in insert in volume 6 of Marx-Lexikon
> > Zur Politischen Íkonomie, edited by Kuruma. In total, four volumes of
> > Marx-Lexikon were dedicated to the topic of crisis. The first volume
> > gathered together passages from Marx's collected works (in the
> > original German with Japanese translations) dealing with the most
> > essential determinations of crisis, while the subsequent volumes on the
> > topic gradually moved towards its more concrete causes and
> manifestations.
> > [Thanks to M. Schauerte]
> It doesn't say above how many more parts will be forthcoming.
> In solidarity, Jerry
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