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 Paul, the term "monarchical" seems to be not at place here. Monarchy has to do with feudal society.
If you say "dictatorial" I would agree with you. I am quite sympathetic to what you say the achievements and permanent democratisation must be the aim and that this must be secured by constitutional arrangments. But we have bear in mind that we do not act inan empty space. It always depends also on what our opponents do. So if counter revolutionary forces (fromwithin and outside) attack try to destroy you are obliged to defend the revolutionary achievements and governement.

I am on my to munich. I will not be able to reply for a while.




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> Curious enough, why did all these self-appointed human right
> organisations never paid attention to the situation of workers,
> minorities, the poor and so on in Venezuela? Have they something at
> stake to lose by the political and economic changes aimed by the
> Chavez and his supporters? If yes, as I thing they have, then, their
> human right will be violated, very well so, if "the great body of
> people" "who come and go without names" (to use Adam Smith's
> expressions) get their human right realised. Carry on Chavezs, carry
> on Castros, carry on all human emancipators.?

These are fair points Dogan, and I have considerable admiration for
revolutionary tyrants like Cromwell, Stalin and Castro, but history
seems to indicate that this form of revolutionary state?

is not stable in the long run. Hence the need to replace it with the
widest form of particpatory democracy. The existing Venezuelan
constitution is very democratic?

by general world standards, but contains monarchical elements at all
levels : mayors, governors, president. One should also be aware of the
tendancy for the formation?

of a new political class, the first generation of which are commited to
socialism, but which, with time can degenerate into an oligarchy with
quite different aims.?

Yeltsin springs to mind.?


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