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Well said Jerry - cannot believe what is being argued at times like this
when a global depression could be on the way and the left in the
imperialist countries has never been so weak and ineffective. Castro and
Chavez are standing up for the vast majority of humanity even if some
progressives in the imperialist countries are unable to recognise this.

David Yaffe

At 06:41 24/09/2008 -0400, you wrote:
> > This test revels that you have either to revise your position toward
> left-wing dictatorships and
> > left authoritarian leaders, or that there is some confusion in your
> standard of values.
>Hi Alejandro:
>Yes, it is a sure sign of a "left-wing dictatorship" that workers' control
>is spreading
>throughout industry and that Chavez is President _now_ after the
>masses spontaneously
>took to the streets in 2002 and refused to let the junta stand. Land
>reform in Bolivia and
>Venezuela are also sure signs of dictatorship - all of these changes are
>just _so_ unfair
>to wealthy landowners, (domestic and international) capitalists,
>transnational corporations,
>friendly governments (like the US), benign international lending agencies
>(like the
>World Bank) and cronies of the old regime. Shame, shame on Chavez! Is it my
>standard of values which need to be revised or yours? Do you favor workers'
>control, nationalization, and land reform?
>There _may_ have been some violations of democratic rights towards the
>(right-wing, neo-fascist) opposition in Venezuela, but to blame that on
>the "dictatorship" of Chavez shows that one does not comprehend the
>characteristics and complexity of the Bolivarian movement - a movement
>which has many different perspectives and political tendencies. Chavez
>"controls" that movement rather loosely - like a shepherd of cats.
>In solidarity, Jerry
>PS: I feel your pain towards Castro and Cuba. Just think of how much
>less suffering there would have been there had Cuba just agreed to
>maintain its neo-colonial relationship with the US! How awful of them
>to demand self-determination and true independence. Bad, bad Castro!
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