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In my previous replies I had concentrated on Yakovenko. The role
of physics in the validation of the labour theory of value lies
not in him but in the work of Moshe Machover and Emanuel Farjoun.

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Paul Cockshott wrote:
> So in a sense I should have said that it is the laws of probability
> rather than the laws of physics that drive
> both...

That clears up the ontology. Politically, it seems that focus on the
Boltzmann entropy function would understate the indictment of
capitalism, since, as the body of your essay notes, a second function is
required to reflect huge incomes obtained from capital assets. Gases
might look like simple commodity economies, but a capitalist economy is
a veritable monstrosity.

So while the title, "How Physics Is Validating The Labour Theory Of
Value," is not correct, a more accurate title might be, "The Chance of
Achieving Economic Equality under Capitalism Is Almost Nil."

Charles Andrews

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