Re: [OPE] Is Larry Elliott right?

From: Ian Wright <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 15:33:46 EDT

Hi David

> What he might not recognise is that the Labour Party has always
served the
> interests of British imperialism throughout its long and appalling history.

This was pointed out to me some time ago. But it is not a conclusion
that an average person can arrive at unaided.

But since understanding this history my dislike of the Labour Party has
got "personal", so to speak, certainly since the change of direction
under the rubric of "New Labour".

New Labour is a disgrace, and fundamentally led by corrupt and criminal
political careerists. But more disgraceful is the continuing support for
it from unions and some socialist parties on the left.

> Re New labour and the British left and the City and financial capitalism
> etc - can I remind you of my article Britain: Parasitic and decaying
> capitalism

Thanks for the link.

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