Women and OPE-L Re: [OPE] Happy Birthday, OPE-L!

From: Howard Engelskirchen <howarde@iastate.edu>
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 08:17:34 EDT

Many thanks to Jerry for providing the update on OPE-L. I am
concerned that I can recall none of the 2800 posts that were by
women. No doubt I missed some. Also I suspect very few women are
among the 95 subscribers, though I don't know the actual figures. On
that score we can claim an age well beyond our calendar years -- we
resemble nothing so much as a conversation among very very old
leftists. I do recall two interesting posts forwarded to the list
over the last two years by two Italian marxist women and wonder
whether invitations have been extended to them or persons like
them. The list needs affirmative action. Also it may very well be
that it takes a critical mass for women to participate comfortably
and often. One or two additions may not have any effect.

In solidarity,


At 03:42 AM 9/5/2008, you wrote:
>Today marks the thirteenth (13th) anniversary of the founding of the
>Outline on Political Economy (OPE-L) mailing list. Somehow - after all
>these years - we continue to find controversial topics in poltical economy
>to discuss and re-discuss. I guess this shows that Marxians are seldom at
>a loss for words! As has been the case in previous years, our discussion
>topics have been far-ranging from the most abstract theoretical questions
>to the very concrete and contemporary.
>There have been approximately 2,800 posts authored in the last year. This
>is somewhat higher than our historical average.
>There are currently 95 subscribers. This is a slight decrease from 96 the
>previous September.
>Participation rates have been consistent with our historical averages in
>recent years high but have varied considerably from month to month.
>Topics which have been discussed are too many to list. Please refer to the
>archives - a wonderful resource.
>There has been (off-list) discussion about a transition to a
>directly-democratic system of list governance based on the "wisdom of
>crowds" model. There is agreement by all those who have discussed this
>that it would represent an innovative, unique, and exciting form of
>Internet list organization but there are some details that have to be
>worked out before a formal proposal can be made to the list.
>On a sadder note, Allin resigned from the Advisory Committee because he
>found that he simply doesn't have time at present to devote to list
>administration. Allin will continue to maintain the official archives site
>on the 'ricardo' server. His service to the list - over a period of many
>years - has been invaluable. Alejandro continues to be a part of list
>administration - for which we should all be thankfull.
>In solidarity, Jerry
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