[OPE] Political strategies of the American Left

From: Dave Zachariah (davez@kth.se)
Date: Thu Aug 21 2008 - 16:34:20 EDT

Jerry recently expressed his disgust for the so-called "lesser evil" 
strategy that many on the Left are taking for the US elections. It may 
make sense in a situation like, say, the second round of the French 
presidential election in 2002 when Chirac stood alone against Le Pen. Of 
course, in such a situation one should in no way hide one's criticism of 
both candidates.

My question is, why do so many on the Left still believe in the 
Democratic Party? Are there any major trade unions that are discussing a 
different electoral strategy? I.e. a labour candidate or setting up a 
workers' party of some sort?

I must say that the prospect of progressive political change in the 
United States by its own citizens looks quite gloomy. Rather long-term 
change seems more likely to come from the mass of Central and South 
American immigrant workers.

//Dave Z
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