RE: [OPE] The Dog Days of August?

Date: Sun Aug 10 2008 - 23:57:05 EDT

Hi Dave Z and Dogan:
I agree that this sounds like a _part_ of a narrative
often given by Marxists but I also believe that it _by
itself_ is not Marxist. Rather, it is a perspective which
can (and has been) embraced by radicals from both
the left (including many anarchists, btw) and right.
In solidarity, Jerry
Dogan asked:
Dave Z wrote: I have a comment rather than a proper topic. I recently listened to a talk by Naomi Klein on her theory of "shock doctrine". The central argument rests on a quote by Milton Friedman:    "Only a crisis --- actual or perceived -- - produces real change.   When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the   ideas that are lying around. . . . Our basic function [is] to   develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and   available until the politically impossible" Doesn't this strike you as a very Marxist theory of crises and political action?  

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