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From: david@danyaf.plus.com
Date: Mon Aug 04 2008 - 11:28:39 EDT

Not sure if this has been sent round re DVD for $30 - so I am sending it

David Yaffe

>From: Steve Palmer <spalmer999@yahoo.com>
>Subject: MIA 2008 DVD now available!
>As you may know, I am a volunteer with the Marxist Internet Archive. I just
>want to draw everyone's attention to the Marxist Internet Archive DVD, the 
>version of which is now available.
>This contains the entire non-Chinese version of the Archive - 8GB of Marxism.
>At $30 (about 15 GBP) this is incredible value. It has almost the entire Lenin
>Collected Works, all Marx and Engels major works, including almost the entire
>10 volumes of the mature economic works. In addition, virtually all the major
>works of classic communism are available. It also contains valuable material
>such as major documents and minutes of the First International, as well as 
>from the Second and Third International.
>The archive is a completely volunteer effort, and runs on a shoestring budget,
>fed with small donations and income from the DVD. The DVD is not simply a
>fund-raising tool, but plays an important role in distributing the archive as
>widely as possible in case our servers and mirrors get taken down. IMNSHO, it
>performs a valuable service to the broader movement by making works easily
>accessible, important since the evaporation of USSR and China as sources of
>cheap Marxist classics.
>Full details here:
>"I study a lot. That is one of the responsibilities of every 
>revolutionary." Hugo Chavez.

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