RE: [OPE] Socialism in Cuba (was: Advice to a postgrad)

Date: Fri Jun 27 2008 - 17:25:28 EDT

> From a theoretical point of view, it is enough to compare the 
> weak constitutional programme of Cuba with the landmark of a 
> theoretical model.
It is a hallmark of ahistorical idealism to judge an actual
experience by referencde to an ideal theoretical type. 
Socialism is not born in a theoretical laboratory, it is 
achieved through practice. As in all endeavors, there are mistakes
that are made along the way - that's something you should appreciate
(certainly, the Cubans do as well) since it's 'learning by doing'.
> Just the opposite happens in Cuba and it is shocking to see 
> leftist scholars denying this. To support the benevolence of 
> the Cuban regime, you have to rest upon a cult to personality 
> and the alleged generosity of Fidel Castro, like Martha Harnecker 
> does indeed. 
> It is an insult to rational human beings!
It is an insult, rather, to Marta Harnecker.
In solidarity, Jerry

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