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“No hay nada más práctico que una buena teoría”/“There is nothing more practical than a good theory”
Is it a Kant’s quotation? I don’t know, but I trust it.
Action is good but concerning Science, good libraries and a pluralist environment are even better. Unfortunately, you can not find either of them in Venezuela today. We don’t even have a single university among the best 500 in the world.
We had until 80’s well supplied libraries at public universities financed with oil revenues, but it was already history during 90’s. I doubt this has been resolved despite the current high prices of oil.
In addition, as non English speaking political economist I recommend to take advantage of the dynamism of the English speaking scholarly institutions. I would do this if I had had the opportunity. Or at least, look for a University with the former requisites able to finance some time of on the field work.
Kind regards,
A. Agafonow

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> He is interested it seems in
> a) the empirical details of the soviet economy of the 1980s through the 
> period of counter-revolution
> b) the economics of socialism

Hmmm.  If I were in his shoes (and was fluent in Spanish), I think 
I'd want to make inquiries about the possibility of going to graduate 
school in Cuba or Venezuela.  Go where the action is, right? 
Mike Lebowitz (on Vznla and Cuba) and Al Campbell (on
Cuba) would be good persons to ask to determine whether
this is a realistic and good possibility.
In solidarity, Jerry

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