[OPE] Swedish surveillance law passed

From: Martin Kragh (Martin.Kragh@hhs.se)
Date: Wed Jun 25 2008 - 05:13:56 EDT

The law which will allow far reaching surveillance and monitoring of the
internet and mobile phone communications was passed last week in
parliament. The civilian/military organization FRA will act on orders of
the government, and monitor accordingly. 

See previous post for more information:

I'm still thinking about the intentions of this new regulation. It was
recently leaked that the FRA has spied on Swedish citizens working in
Russia for the last 10 years. One was an employee at IKEA. The major
security threat / geopolitical threat for Sweden is not Usama bin Laden,
but has been for 200 years Russia, even though less so today obviously.
Most likely, surveillance of people somehow affiliated to that region
will be of interest to the FRA.

As a matter of fact, many Russians will be subject to surveillance too,
because Swedish internet operator Telia International controls a large
share of Russia's IT-infrastructure, and with servers located in Sweden,
it will be accessed by the FRA. It will be interesting to see how Russia
will react (considering they have inefficient, but similar regulations
already, this is not obvious).

Kind regards

PS. The whole parliamentary process was a joke and is not worth

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