Re: [OPE] Lack of education as the cause of inequality in Britain

From: Gerald Levy (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2008 - 15:34:23 EDT

The idea that inequality - and racism, sexism, et al - are due to the lack of 
education and ignorance is one of the hallmarks of  liberalism.

In solidarity, Jerry

> The reason the Nordics and the Dutch have the most egalitarian outcomes is that they provide the best education. The correlation between educational and social outcomes across the EU is striking. People 
> with low levels of attainment at secondary education are most exposed to the risk of poverty. Moreover, the more educated people are, the more likely they are to be in work: the employment rate for Europeans
>  with  tertiary education is 80 per cent, whereas it is just 50 per cent for those who fail to complete their secondary education.

> Education has long been an important determinant of countries' wealth. As China and India become more integrated in the world economy and the international division of labour proceeds apace, it is also having 
> an increasingly important influence on social cohesion. The European countries most at risk of rising social inequalities are those with underperforming education systems.

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