[OPE] Mr Obama and US foreign policy

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@telfort.nl)
Date: Sun May 18 2008 - 09:02:31 EDT

Mr Obama has an interesting interview here: http://www.digitalnpq.org/archive/2008_spring/16_obama.html

Even if, hypothetically, his foreign policy would fail in one out of six cases, the results would still be 500% better for the world than the Bush-Cheney policy, from any perspective. 

If Mr Obama became president, a lot of the neoconservative dorks would be expelled from their position of power at the apex of the US political hierarchy, and that would be a fantastic gain for the whole world, saving the lives of literally millions of people worldwide who will be uh-oh dead as a doornail under a "friendly fascist" McCain administration. http://www.knowthecandidates.org/ktc/BushGang/BushTragicAppoints1.htm

According to the bourgeois "methodological individualism" of Hillary Clinton, Americans should look upon the presidential election as an empowering event where they are the bosses, "hiring an employee". The metaphor is silly, but the real point is that when you hire a president, you don't just hire one individual, you effectively hire a whole leadership, and a workstyle for getting things done. And typically, the bureaucrats hire people who are like themselves in some very essential respects.


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