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Date: Tue May 13 2008 - 16:13:48 EDT

This critique of Marx & Engels (and the origin 
of the modern debate) is due to Roman Rosdolsky. See Roman Rosdolsky, Engels and 
the `Nonhistoric' Peoples: the National Question in the Revolution of 1848. 
Glasgow: Critique books, 1987. First published in Critique, No.18/19, 1986. This 
is a translation of: Roman Rosdolsky, Zur nationalen Frage. Friedrich Engels und 
das Problem der 'geschichtslosen' Völker, Verlag Olle & Wolter, Berlin 1979. 
Parts of this book were first published in: Archiv für Sozialgeschichte, Bd. 
IV., 1964, Hg. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

        Jurriaan, I am not primarily interested what people claim, but whether there are evidences in the works of Marx and Engels. If you agree         with the claim that Engels used the term "non-historic-nations", please refer to the place where he used it. 

Marx and Engels did not have 
anything like a "theory of international relations" in the modern bourgeois 
sense, and their views about the subject had nothing in particular to do with 
bourgeois philosophers like Kant, Smith and Ferguson. Nor were their views 
completely consistent at all times. But there are a lot of Marxist 
forgeries around of what Marx and Engels really thought.

        This shows how little you know about Marx' and Engels' work and their sources if this claim is meant to be serious. 


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