[OPE] Cooperation as the new security paradigm in the age of globalisation

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@telfort.nl)
Date: Tue May 13 2008 - 14:45:18 EDT

>From NATO Secretary General's Jaap de Hoop-Scheffer's speech at the ICI Ambassadorial Conference (Manama, Bahrain, 24 April 2007):

"Here in Bahrain, in all the nations of the NATO Alliance, and as well as in many other countries, both policymakers and public opinion increasingly realise that there are two faces to globalisation.  

Not only is it a powerful means of breaking down barriers, opening up economies and lifting people out of poverty.  It also has some extremely unpleasant and dangerous negative effects, to which none of our nations is immune.  

Countries in Europe, in North America, and in the Gulf region have been the target of terrorist attacks.  Instability in Iraq and Afghanistan, affect all of us, no matter how near or far we are geographically.  Iran's pursuit of a uranium enrichment capability in violation of its UN Security Council obligations is a serious concern not just for Iran's neighbours, but for the entire international community.  And we also have a common interest in energy security, whether we are suppliers, transit countries or consumers.  

Against global challenges, geography no longer serves as a shield.  What we need are global responses - innovative new approaches that extend across national, geographical and cultural boundaries. (...)

Indeed, I would argue that cooperation has become the new security paradigm of our age.  In the age of globalisation, our security is becoming increasingly intertwined. No matter where our countries are on the globe, and no matter whether our cultures or historical experiences differ, we will find that, more and more, we share common security interests.  

Now is the time to turn these shared interests into practical policy.  The opportunities for fruitful, mutually beneficial cooperation are there.  It is our common obligation to use these opportunities to the full. 

Complete text: http://www.nato.int/docu/speech/2008/s080424a.html

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