Re: [OPE] Is 'dialectic' a scientific, pre-scientific or pseudo-scientific concept?

Date: Sun Mar 30 2008 - 17:41:46 EDT

 Hi Dave Z,

this is a good provocation. As you know, unlike you,  I lean more to the first statement. Dialectics is the only scientific concept today.
Can you please give some reasons to justify your claim that dialectics is pre or even pseudo-scientific?


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Thema: [OPE] Is 'dialectic' a scientific, pre-scientific or pseudo-scientific concept?

on 2008-03-30 22:59 wrote: 

> what happened to this list? what happened to the whole serious 
> theoretical discussion on this list? 

> we had earlier not less but more emails sent to this list. Why do 
> people think now that there are sent much too much emails? 

> I am missing our earlier debates. 

Hi Dogan. Let me throw in a theoretical question that is serious to some 
philosophers, Marxist ones included: 

   Is 'dialectic' a scientific, pre-scientific or pseudo-scientific 


Personally, I lean more toward the two latter classifications. 

//Dave Z 


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