Re: [OPE] estimating the severity and duration of a capitalisteconomic crisis

Date: Wed Mar 19 2008 - 13:54:05 EDT

> The question arises because Marxists want to show that they have a
> profound understanding of the financial crisis than the
pundits and the 
> bourgeois economists and journalists, but they
really haven't. 

Hi Jurriaan:

the question arises from within the working class: workers want to
know how long a "recession" will last, how bad it will get,
and what it
will mean to them. These are legitimate questions which
we - wether we
call ourselves Marxists or not - should be able to
address. . 

> To estimate the impact and duration
of the current financial crisis 
> requires a study of a lot of
empirical data, rather than a 
> mystical/metaphysical or biblical

True enough, but what data specifically
are you looking at?  What
data is more relevant that other
data?  How do you re-cast the 
definitions in Marxian

In solidarity, Jerry

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