RE: [OPE] [correction] Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela internal ballot.

Date: Thu Mar 13 2008 - 11:27:51 EDT

Correction: Should be "the crowd", rather than "the
mob", below.
In solidarity, Jerry

> Your
proposals may or may not have merit (depending on the specific 
circumstances) but I think they are in conflict with the model of 
> direct democracy suggested by Paul C and Dave Z. I.e. if "the
> was sufficiently large in number, and hence
representative of the 
> population at large, then why should
there be a priora rules which 
> govern the process of
'negotiation'? If you think that an elite should 
> decide what
'the rules' are going to be, then that seems to me to 
> be an
aristocratic and undemocratic impulse. 

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