RE: [OPE] Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela internal ballot.

Date: Wed Mar 12 2008 - 14:31:26 EDT

> I think that this process that Gerry describes perfectly sumarises the undemocratic> nature of pyramidal elections. No system is more suited to dominance by a party elite> than this. The 'democracy' here is no more than it is in all electoral systems, a> means of legitimising an elite.    Hi Paul C:  Couldn't  the internal decision-making of the Scottish Socialist Party also becharacterized as being "pyramidal"?   How many people selected the leadership of the SSP or any other party or political organization you want to name?  I don't 
think that it's fair to held the PSUV to a higher standard than any other socialist party.
John H is free to correct me, but I don't think that decision-making within the
EZLN corresponds exactly to Dave Z's summary of democratic organization, 
i.e. all decision-making is _not_ made by Assemblies of Citizens and representative bodies are _not_ simply drawn by lot.
In solidarity, Jerry 

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