Re: [OPE] Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela internal ballot.

From: Dave Zachariah (
Date: Wed Mar 12 2008 - 09:11:05 EDT wrote:
> So, 'classical
> democracy' wasn't also distinguished by the denial of 
> democratic rights to slaves and women?  Taken within the long
> view
> - especially as it relates to the empowerment of women - the
> United 
> Socialist Party of Venezuela is far more democratic
> than Athenian 
> democracy ever was.

The constitutional principles of classical democracy were based on the 
sovereignty of the citizens. Unlike the ancient Athenians we subscribe 
to a universalist ideology in which citizenship includes women.

It was a feature of Greek society that excluded legal rights to slaves 
and women. Athenian democracy on the other hand was a result of, and 
arena for, class struggle between poor artisans and peasants and rich 
land- and slaveowners.

//Dave Z

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