RE: [OPE] capitalist states, imperialism, and militarism

Date: Sun Mar 02 2008 - 09:01:12 EST

>>  After all, if there weren't economic benefits for capitalist nations going to war then there would be less wars! If what you were >>saying was correct, then all 'rational' capitalist societies would disarm. This highlights the importance of contextualizing this question: >>what might be the case for an abstract closed economy is not necessarily the case for a real capitalist economy in the context of a >>particular historical moment in time.> Is this not just the classic prisoner's dilema?
Hi Paul C:
No, it is an example of a fallacy of division and theorization: - 
what may be the case in a very abstract and ahistorical  model 
is not necessarily the case for all economies during all times and 
in all regions.
> > Ford and Kellog certainly thought that 'rational' capitalist societies would disarm. The bourgeoisies of France> and Germany came to the same conclusion circa 1950.
France hasn't disarmed and the disarmament in Germany, like that in 
Japan, was not an option for the German capitalist class: it was
imposed on the nation because of the way the war was ended.
The idea that it was rational to disarm was (pun intended) a
rationalization for a fait accompli.
In solidarity, Jerry

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