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Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 12:25:54 -0500From: GDAEannounce@tufts.eduSubject: New Climate Program Publications
New Publications from GDAE’s Climate Change Program

GDAE announces two publications from its new program on the Economics of Climate Change.  For more on the Institute's efforts to develop economic theory, policy analysis, and educational materials better suited to addressing the challenges posed by global climate change, visit our program web page:http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/ClimateChange.html
Economic Vitality in a Transition to Sustainability    This booklet by Neva Goodwin surveys how economies will need to change, both to minimize the extent of expected climate change, and to respond to climate-related events that cannot, or will not, be prevented.  Reforms are needed not only to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses, but also to encourage greater social resilience, to minimize the suffering from climate-related emergencies.  Increased social resilience requires poverty alleviation, widely available education, robust social systems for emergency health and other relief responses, and greater equality of power and resources.  A number of systemic changes will be needed to move in these directions.  Most urgent to discover or invent are the institutional and regulatory structures, as well as financial and cultural incentives, that will align the goals of corporations with the common good.  
    This booklet is part of _Growing the Economy through Global Warming Solutions_, a series of papers published by the Civil Society Institute to explore the implications of the transition from a fossil-energy dependent economy to a climate-stable global economic system. 
Read the full booklet here:<http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/Pubs/te/GEGWS-GoodwinChapter.pdf> 
Read more about GDAE's Theory and Education work on Climate Economics:<http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/education_materials/ClimateChange.htm> 
Hot, It’s Not: Reflections on _Cool It!_, by Bjorn Lomborg
    In this review, forthcoming in _Climatic Change_, Frank Ackerman reviews and rebuts the dismissive treatment of climate change in Bjorn Lomborg’s latest book. Lomborg, the self-described “skeptical environmentalist,” claims that economics proves that many climate policy proposals are hopelessly expensive and unnecessary. Ackerman demonstrates that Lomborg relies on a biased reading of the scientific evidence and a rigidly conservative interpretation of economics; Ackerman’s conclusion sketches a better approach to climate economics. 
Read the full article here:<http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/Pubs/rp/Ackerman_CoolIt.pdf> 
Read more about GDAE's Policy Research on Climate Economics:<http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/policy_research/ClimateChange.htm>

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