RE: [OPE] Valuations, the Austrians and Kantorovich reply to Alejandro

Date: Tue Feb 26 2008 - 14:16:39 EST

> The way out of these conundrums, I personally think, is NOT to take the concept of production prices for granted, as Marxists do, but rather to > problematize this concept, to recognize that it is NOT an obvious notion (contrary to Fred Moseley's literalism etc.). 
Hi Jurriaan:
I agree, but with a caveat. In Fred's macro monetary "given"
interpretation, he _has_   problematized the concept.  It becomes 
problematic in his perspective because one is led to ask - at more 
concrete levels off abstraction:  what happens to the theory when the
magnitudes and variables which were taken as "given" no 
longer are?  
In solidarity, Jerry

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