Re: [OPE-L] GPM, "Critica al neomarxista Samir Amin"

From: GERALD LEVY (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Mon Dec 03 2007 - 08:06:42 EST

> > Not sure if neo-Marxism is a term of abuse> In South Africa, it definitely is, because of a set of bad experiences> in the 1970s-80s (two-stagism, poulantzian fractions of capital,> monopoly capital, social history, regulation theory).
Hi Patrick:
I just noticed that Samir has an article in the current issue of 
_Monthly Review_ titled "Political Islam in the Service of
Comments?  Do you think that his position on this question 
would or would not receive support from activists at the 
Centre for Civil Society?
In solidarity, Jerry

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