[OPE-L] for the record: a distortion of history

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Date: Sat Nov 24 2007 - 09:41:38 EST

Mike L sent a mesage to the former Advisory Committee and myself
with the request that it be posted on the list.  I  felt that Mike's
message should be posted as he requested but there was some division on
that issue.  As a consequence, I communicated with Mike and told this to
him and he responded as follows.  The original message of his will be
forwarded to any member who so requests - or to the list if others agree
that Mike should have been allowed to state his perspectives in his own
words as he originally intended.

In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: Re: for the record: a distortion of history
From:    "michael a. lebowitz" <mlebowit@sfu.ca>
Date:    Fri, November 23, 2007 10:38 pm

         Well, I must say that I am disappointed. Of course I don't
want to see the list disintegrate or be responsible for deepening the
current crisis. I don't think it would do that if the letter were
circulated to the list as a courtesy to me with the note that posting
it is not meant to reopen the question but to bring closure on a
particular aspect.
         However, if you can't agree on that (and I think the
decision should be by consensus), then I would like you to note that
I wrote a letter pointing out that I left in January 2007 because of
Rakesh's repeated behaviour, which I predicted would reoccur despite
the assurances of AC members, and because of the decision of the AC
to readmit him to the list. Further, that I had asked that it be
posted to the list to correct misinformation spread on the list but
that the AC has chosen not to circulate it on the list because you
feel it better for the health of the list; however, anyone interested
in reading it off-list can get a copy from Jerry (or all of you---
but not me).
         Finally, my personal view is that the AC as a body should
engage in a bit of self-critical reflection and admit that you have
made a mistake by functioning as enablers (moral hazarders?). Maybe
you don't think you have, though; maybe you'll proceed as pristine as ever.

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