Re: [OPE-L] Enough already?

Date: Sun Nov 18 2007 - 04:32:40 EST

I wanted to respect Gary's request but I must briefly reply to
Fred's post.

> One final comment: I feel strongly that Rakesh was unfairly suspended
> in the recent episode, in which he was the victim, not the instigator,
> and yet he was the only one punished.

As Fred KNOWS, the question of whether to also suspend Ajit was
on the table for discussion.  When he resigned from the list it
became a moot point.

>  Therefore, I am resigning from> OPE-L in protest,
> until Rakesh is reinstated. So, Jerry, please unsub me, and tell us all
> how long Rakesh will be suspended for.

The length of his suspension has yet to be determined, although
it will be for a substantial period of time. In our discussions only
Fred offered (on more than one occasion) an actual amount of
time for what he considered to be substantial. Fred's idea of
substantial (most recently, stated again in September) was
six months and proposed that as the length of suspension should
Rakesh be suspended again.

Also, as Fred knows, I was initially inclined in this instance
to support a suspension of just a few days. Things have changed
since. To begin with, Rakesh violated the Agreement repeatedly
after that time even though he continued to receive on- and
off-list warnings not to.  Then, there is the matter of what
Rakesh has done since being suspended ....

Fred has offered to resign knowing full well what I will do
if Rakesh is re-instated by the list before he has served a
suspension for a substantial period of time.  I am not a tyrant.
If the list wants to, we can have a democratic vote (preceded by a
discussion) over Rakesh's status. If it was decided to vacate the
January 24 Agreement and re-instate Rakesh before serving a suspension
for a substantial period of time , then I would resign as list
coordinator.  Moreover, both because I know that such a decision would
effectively end OPE-L as a forum for comradely discussion and because
after years of suffering abuse by Rakesh (including suggestions of
plagiarism) I will not allow the harassment to continue, I would
resign from the list.

In solidarity, Jerry

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