Re: [OPE-L] Lawrence Krader on objective and subjective value

From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU)
Date: Tue Nov 13 2007 - 21:30:17 EST

>>So we have logical and historical dialectics but you seem to emphasize
> ontological dialectics?
> Yes. But they are not exclusive

Yes as I responded to you offlist earlier today (and I think I am
understanding your point
of view):
>By dialectics do you mean...
>1. the capitalist organism does not hold together like a (Cartesian)
>the parts inner-act; at work within are incompatible systematic demands;
>the organism, unlike a solid crystal, develops and  changes as a result;
>it brings about its own end through its own inner workings.
>2. due to this ontological dialectics, one cannot understand
>capitalism through a Cartesian
>reductionist method in which parts are given ontological primacy and
>immanent contradiction
>is (putatively) unthinkable. So the logic must be suited to the content.
>So is this in part what you mean by dialectical marxism?

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