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From: Martin Kragh (Martin.Kragh@HHS.SE)
Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 13:25:44 EST

Rakesh, a recent publication that might be of interest to you is
"A History of Scottish Economic Thought", ed. by Alexander Dow and Sheila Dow, Routledge 2007. 
The book has two recently written papers on Smith and the way he tried to make sense of Newton's methodology. I personally found both papers interesting, even though the authors' are not in agreement as to how Smith made any sense of Newton. Some more info on the authors;
"Adam Smith: real Newtonian" by Leonidas Montes
"Adam Smith: common sense and aesthetics in the age of experiments" by Flavio Comin
I can also recommend Journal of Scottish Economic Thought. 
You specifically asked for references dealing with "Newton-Smith-Marx", I have personally not seen any thourough paper recently on this topic. But nor have I searched either. 
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For a good indication of how the analytical synthetic method which Smith (arguably) developed from Newton would be incompatible with Marx's method see

Adam Smith's Analytic-synthetic Method and the "System of Natural
Gideon Freudenthal.
Adam Smith's Analytic-synthetic Method and the "System of Natural Liberty", in: History of European Ideas II,2 (1981), pp. 135 - 154

An important comparative essay on Freudenthal and Witt-Hansesn could probably be written. On the possible relation of Newtonianism to Marx the three most important essays I know are these two, plus Burkett's. And of course there is Boris Hessen, recently defended by Freudenthal. 

Please share citations on this most important topic.


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