Re: [OPE-L] Truncating Marx

From: Riccardo Bellofiore (riccardo.bellofiore@UNIBG.IT)
Date: Thu Sep 06 2007 - 04:41:30 EDT

At 14:28 -0400 5-09-2007, glevy@PRATT.EDU wrote:

>Hi Riccardo:
>Well - of course - others can disagree with what you (and I) wrote.
>But, is there anything wrong with asking others on the list - if they
>disagree - to give reasons why and to therefore defend the statements
>that I think most other Marxians would consider to be dogmatic?

Nothing wrong in asking: in fact I objected non 
to your second but to your first mail in which 
you asked for a "consensus".

My guess is that from the past mails this year 
there is NO consensus. And the majority on this 
list does not give any added "scientific" weight 
to a proposition.


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