[OPE-L] Monokl 4- A Special Hegel Issue

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Tue Sep 04 2007 - 08:33:48 EDT

The foloowing was sent to the hegel-marx yahoo group. / In solidarity, Jerry

Dear Hegel Group;

I want to announce that we will publish a Hegel issue, especially
focusing on The Phenemonology of Spirit. (For the 200th year of
book) Name of our magazine is Monokl, that is an idea art magazine,
being published 3 times in a year. We are located in Istanbul,

We may also publish debates, problems and introductions concerning
the philosophy of Hegel.

Any article in any language is welcome, we will translate them into
Turkish but original writings will also be published with
translations. Last date for articles is 1 November 2007. Articles
should be in word format, with 12 Times New Roman. The upper limit
of article is 30 pages.

We are looking forward to your attention and care.

For more information and details please contact to me on
volkancelebi@... or editor@...

Note: Also I must note that an international conference will be held
on Turkey for Hegel on October 7. (For more information
www.ideayayinevi.com www.diyalektik.org )

Best Regards
Volkan Celebi
The Editor of Monokl

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