[OPE-L] More about exploitation

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Tue Jun 19 2007 - 17:25:30 EDT

> Jerry expressed surprise at my heretical idea of workers exploiting
> workers.

Hi Jurriaan:

No, I wasn't surprised, nor did I believe it was (necessarily)
"heretical".  I wanted simply to know what _you_
meant by the idea that workers can exploit other workers since
that claim could be made by those with very different understandings
of the character of exploitation.

I think it could be reasonably claimed that some higher paid wage
workers enter into an exploitive relationship sometimes with
workers who are part of the underground economy or members of the
informal sector.  In the US, this is sometimes tied to the
vulnerable situation of some undocumented workers, e.g. "nannys".
It's not exploitive, perhaps, in the "classical" sense of the term,
but I believe it does constuitute a form of exploitation.

Workers might also exploit members of their own family under
certain circumstances ....

I'm sorry I can only be brief and suggestive here but I only have a
short time left on a computer in a public library (in Provincetown, on
Cape Cod).

In solidarity, Jerry

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