[OPE-L] Grey's Anatomy: NYT goes Marxist?

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Wed Jun 06 2007 - 16:46:04 EDT

Television Review | 'Grey's Anatomy'
The New Modern Woman, Ambitious and Feeble
Published: May 5, 2007
It's time to play the blame game.

(...) Sex isn't the problem with the new series; it's the subjugation. (...)
even in escapist fantasies, today's heroines have to be weak, needy and
oversexed to be liked by women and desired by men. (...) On Thursday's
episode Addison thought she heard imaginary voices in the elevator, made
inappropriate sexual comments to a stranger and was generally in need of a
man; she turned swoony when a handsome, lecherous colleague kissed her in a
stairwell. Shonda Rhimes, who created "Grey's Anatomy," also came up with
the spinoff. Somehow, even in the hands of a woman, a show about female
doctors finds humor and solace in their distress. Self-deprecation has been
replaced with self-denigration. People complain that hip-hop stars use
obscene lyrics and lewd music videos to demean women. Sometimes, so do even
the most bourgeois women's television shows.
Torn curtain, yields another play, torn curtain, such an expose,
And uncertain, when beauty meets abuse, torn curtain, love's own ridicule.

- Television (Tom Verlaine/Richard Lloyd), "Torn Curtain", from the album
Marquee Moon (1977)

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