Re: [OPE-L] Marxist internet archive

From: Paul Cockshott (clyder@GN.APC.ORG)
Date: Sat May 05 2007 - 13:48:33 EDT

Quoting David Yaffe <david@DANYAF.PLUS.COM>:

> Paul,
> I have no idea what is happening to MIA. Personally I find it a very
> important source of material.  However you cannot get away with your
> gratuitous insult against Che Guevara. Che was a Marxist of international
> standing who had a deep knowledge of Marx's Capital and wrote an important
> critique of the Soviet Manual of Political Economy, so contributing very
> significant theoretical insights to our understanding of the process of
> constructing socialism. Orthodox Marxists cannot be equated with
> 'Stalinists' either. Neither Castro nor Guevara are/were Stalinists.
> Perhaps this kind of comment reflects the appalling state of the left
> movement in imperialist countries, but one expects higher standards in
> OPE-L to be maintained.

I dont use the term Stalinist as an insult. From what I can gather
Che held Stalin in high regard, and insisted in planting flowers on
his grave when visiting Moscow, some what to the embarasment of
the Cuban ambassador.

> David Yaffe
> 'At 22:13 04/05/2007 +0100, you wrote:
> >Has the Marxist internet archive been taken over by the SWP or some
> >similar Trotskyist sect?
> >
> >The content of the archive seems to have changed significantly recently.
> >There are now a large number of relatively minor American and British
> >Trotkyists included, which is probably fair enough, but what is
> >more insidious is that orthodox communist writers are being
> >systematically dropped from the index.
> >
> >Mao, Chou-en-lai, Stalin, Castro have all be edited out of the main web
> >site index. Geuvara is the only orthodox communist or Stalinist still
> >retained in the index - presumably because his romantic appeal is
> >taken to redeem his Stalinism.
> >
> >Whoever is running the archive now is airbrushing out politically
> >unacceptable marxists just as was done in the USSR, all that has
> >changed is the particuluar set of marxists who are deemed unacceptable.
> >
> >Paul Cockshott
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Paul Cockshott

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