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Subject: Fifth Marx International Congress
From:    "Dominique Levy" <dominique.levy@ens.fr>
Date:    Fri, March 30, 2007 4:42 am

 Fifth Marx International Congress
 The congress will be held between October 3 and 6, 2007, in Paris
(Sorbonne) and Nanterre University (Université Paris-X).

 The general theme of the congress is:
 Alterglobalism – Anticapitalism
 For an Alternative Cosmopolitics

 Economic Section

 Information concerning the organization of the congress is gradually made
available on Actuel Marx site, at the following address:
 http://netx.u-paris10.fr/actuelmarx/cm5/index5.htm .
 This message is devoted to the organization of the Economic Section of
the congress, whose coordinators are Gérard Duménil
(dumenil@u-paris10.fr) and Dominique Lévy (dominique.levy@ens.fr).

 The official language of the congress is French, although we can normally
make a translation into English available for several plenary sessions.
For Economics, we will do our best to set up sessions in English and
Spanish, according to the number of panelists. Reviews or groups of
investigation can organize workshops of their own.

  Call for papers
 (Applications must be sent before March 31, 2007)

 People willing to participate with a paper to be presented in a panel are
asked to send a proposal of one page maximum, before the end of March
2007. We will inform the applicants before the end of April of the list
of selected papers. We can, however, send letters of invitation to those
willing to receive such a document as soon as possible (but such letters
will not imply the acceptance of the proposal).

 The theme of the congress, alterglobalism and anticapitalism, suggests
contributions on contemporary neoliberal capitalism, within a critical
perspective and emphasizing possible trajectories beyond the present
stage of capitalism. The analysis of “contradictions”, economic and
correlatively political, seems particularly relevant, as well as the
investigation of historical dynamics: which phases or stages capitalism
underwent historically, how can we interpret the present phase, what are
the perspectives? The overall field is obviously broad, but we ask the
participants to actually focus their contributions on the theme of the


 Gerard DUMENIL, 39 rue d'Estienne d'Orves,  92260 Fontenay-aux-Roses,

 Dominique LEVY, Cnrs-Pse, 48 bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris,

 Page Web / Home Page  : <http://www.jourdan.ens.fr/levy/>

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