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Hi Jerry,
         In relation to BIN, in terms of Spanish editions, you might
mention that there is a Venezuelan edition (and, in fact, my talk at
the January book launch will be published in the upcoming April
Monthly Review). David Barkin was checking out Siglo XXI in Mexico
about their interest in an edition. I thought that Herramienta would
be interested in Argentina but apparently not. There is a Brazilian
who is teaching English here who loves the book and has decided to
translate it, so once she makes some progress, I'll contact Joao
Pedro Stedile to see if the MST has an interest; I gather Cesar
Benjamin has a press in Brazil, and maybe some of the Brazilian
comrades have ideas or connections. The chapter that Chavez
constantly quotes from on TV (did it again last night!), 'Socialism
doesn't drop from the sky', has been translated in Portugal and is
on-line [resistir?].
         As for other languages, a Norwegian edition is due out in
another month, and there was talk about Hindi and Urdu editions by
the Indian publisher [Daanish] but I don't know if anything is
occurring there. On the issue of 'rights', I kept the rights for
Latin America (which are freely available) but Monthly Review Press
has the rights for the rest of the galaxy.
         As for Heinz's book on 'Socialism for the 21st Century', I'd
be very interested in reading that in English; I suspect that I
wouldn't agree with much (judging from the glimpses of his
perspective), but I'd like to see the argument in its fully developed form.
         un abrazo bolivariano,
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>Subject: Re: [OPE-L] Dieterich, "El paso al socialismo economico ...."
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>It is hard enough for me to translate into my own
>language, would not dream of trying to translate into any other
>but surely Mike is in a better position than anywhere else
>to get his book published in Venezuela, I would be surprised if
>that was not being done.
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> > I am working on translating his book 'Socialism of the 21st century',
> > If there are any list members who would be willing to help on this
> > Please get in touch.
>Hi Paul C:
>There is also a need for a 'reverse translation' of Mike L's
>_Build It Now!_. I.e. there is a need for someone to pick up
>the rights to publish in Spanish and other languages other
>than English) and do the translations.  Besides Spanish, I think
>a Portuguese translation would be timely.  If any of you have an
>interest in doing this, please contact Michael at
>In solidarity, Jerry

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