Re: [OPE-L] What is most important in Marx's theory?

From: Ian Wright (wrighti@ACM.ORG)
Date: Sun Mar 11 2007 - 18:05:39 EDT

> You repeat the same error of Solow or Samuelson. Sraffa's thinking
> is independent of the static/dynamic dichotomy (btw, I think you
> mean "stationary" versus qualitative capitalist development.

I don't agree with this point Riccardo. Sraffa's system is half an
equilibrium system. Sraffians cannot agree whether his theory is about
self-replacing equilibrium, or a novel event describing the production
of surplus yet to be distributed (note the absence of the real
distribution of income as given data in PCMC). In some respects it is
a failed attempt to get some kind of dynamic analysis from linear
algebra. Sraffa's thinking is not independent of the static/dynamic
issue, it falls between it. The tools of linear algebra, which Sraffa
employed, are inherently static.

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