[OPE-L] summer internship in Mexico with Center for Global Justice

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Sat Mar 10 2007 - 18:13:31 EST

Perhaps some of you have students who might benefit from the following?
In solidarity, Jerry

The Center for Global Justice and Berea College are jointly offering a
five-week Summer Internship Program in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico from
July 1 - August 4, 2007.  It will be an intercultural learning experience
for undergraduate and graduate students from the U.S., Mexico and Cuba.
Under the guidance of faculty from the three countries, interns will study
the realities of corporate globalization through selected readings,
lectures and discussions as well as on-site field research culminating in
reports to be published in the Center's website. Students will receive 4
transferable academic credits through Berea College.

Intercultural interaction within the student group and with host families
and communities is intended to break down common stereotypes, prejudices,
and ideological barriers and to create a cooperative, mutually-supportive
international educational experience.  U.S. students will gain insight into
the conditions that have dramatically affected Mexican life and migration,
and will have the rare opportunity to work with their Cuban counterparts
to learn about current conditions in Cuba (especially valuable now that it
is almost impossible for them to travel there). It is hoped that this
intern experience will help them make important career and life choices.
Through personal observations of the consequences of U.S. policies and
corporate globalization in Mexico, and comparison with the alternative
Cuban model, students will collectively develop their own critical
perspectives. We anticipate that the group research and study efforts will
help to lay the groundwork for future collaboration among the three
student groups.

During the first two weeks, U.S. interns will live with Mexican families
in a low-income San Miguel neighborhood settled largely by people who have
recently migrated from the countryside.  Through informal interaction and
community surveys they will investigate the transition from rural to urban
life.  During this time they will also participate in study and
discussions with Center faculty and visiting speakers.  During the second
two weeks interns will live with Mexican families in rural communities
with which we have established relations.  Here they will conduct
supervised social investigations of the problems faced by these
communities (such as water shortage, government neglect, migration, family
disintegration, land privatization, etc.) as well as work in local
development projects.  This experience will deepen their understanding of
the effects of NAFTA on the Mexican people.  In the fifth week they will
return to San Miguel to write up their reports while also focusing on
Cuba’s social policies as an alternative to those of neo-liberal

Faculty will include two Cubans -- Miguel Limia David (Presidente Consejo
Ciencias Sociales) and a representative from the Yo Si Puedo adult literacy
program; two Mexicans – Atahualpa Caldera and Yolanda Millan, field
organizers with the Center for Global Justice; and several Research
Associates of the Center – Peggy Rivage-Seul (Womens Studies, Berea
College), Mike Rivage-Seul (Peace and Social Justice Studies, Berea
College), Cliff DuRand (retired Philosophy professor, Morgan State
University), David Stea (retired Geography professor, Texas State
University), Arturo Yarish (retired History teacher, Department of
Education of the City of New York: High School Division), Bob Stone
(retired Philosophy professor, Long Island University). In addition
there will be several visiting Mexican speakers – Gustavo Esteva
(deprofessionalized intellectual and founder of the alternative university,
Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca), Gloria Carmona (popular educator
working with rural women), Enrique Dussell Peters (economist).

To apply or for further information, contact mike_rivage-seul@berea.edu

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